3 Skin Issues you Can Easily Avoid this Summer


Summer can be beautiful and fun-filled but it can also be the opposite. The summer season can damage our skin due to its high temperature and humidity. Today I’ll be talking about a few such common skin problems that you can easily avoid or prevent further damage this summer with great products from Timeless skin care.

Contact Dermatitis

This usually happens to people who love camping or hiking outdoors during summer. You may come in contact with plants such as poison oak. The oil from these plants get in contact with the skin and cause an irritating skin condition known as contact dermatitis. This can cause redness, itching, and flaking of the skin and in severe cases, swelling, hives, and blisters can also form.

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You can prevent this by avoiding walking through tall grasses, learning what these plants look like and staying away from them. If you come in contact with these plants you should wash the exposed skin with warm water immediately to prevent the spread of the oil to the other parts of the skin. Also, wash your clothing in warm water to remove any traces of the oil.

Heat Rashes

There is obviously a reason why it is called a heat rash. This condition occurs highly in the hot and humid season.

Though the heat rashes disappear on their own over a few days, it can be prevented by wearing free-flowing garments that allow for the perspiration to evaporate. Timeless skin care has several great products for you to try out this summer to prevent and help with these conditions.

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When sweat mixes with bacteria and oils on your skin, it can block your skin pores and results in acne.

Try this Timeless skin care product, Ferulic acid,  a natural vitamin c skin care product that provides your skin with the right nutrients and vitamins. Use Ferulic acid for a beautiful, nourished look.

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