8 Natural Remedies for healthy Skin and Hair


Want to make your skin smoother and clearer than what it is right now? Want to make your hair look voluminous and stronger? Here are a few instant and natural recipes that can yield fabulous outcomes for your hair and skin.

1. For oily skin

Apply a bit of cold yogurt sprinkled with sugar on your face and massage very gently. Scrub with orange halves till the time all granules meltdown. You’ll feel the difference when you wash it with icy cold water.

2. For dry skin

Apply papaya on your skin and rub gently. Develop a scrub with honey and oats and apply it with cold milk. Wash it with icy cold milk and let it dry up.

3. For natural hair color

For those of you that don’t find the time to apply henna on your hair, this one seems to be the right solution. Let 2 teaspoons of black tea simmer with a couple of rosemary sprigs in water (worth 2 cups) till it sheds half of it. Use this mixture on your hair with about ¼ cup of shampoo. Watch the change once you let the shampoo settle in your hair for a brief period of 15 minutes.

4. For frizzy hair

This a simple and fast spraying option for you. Get two lemon slices and squeeze about half of them each in two cups of water. Spraying this liquid on your hair will add a natural sheen and help you get rid of that frizzy hair.

5. For dark circles and patches

Collect a few chamomile tea bags and put them in your fridge. Half the portion of cucumber needs to be grated and massaged over the affected eye area. Place tea bags on your eyes for about 10 minutes and check how your eyes feel a bit later.

6. For tired eyes

It’s often quite tiring for your eyes when you spend long hours in getting things organized at home, go to work and do your shopping while getting back home. Immerse an eye in a bowl of icy cold water that contains honey and rose water worth a couple of drops. When one eye gets treated, try out a fresh liquid with your other eye. Once done, get both eyes splashed with cold mineral water. Your eyes are bound to feel more refreshed very soon.

7. Quick face lift

Wash the entire face with icy cold water and then apply honey worth 1 tsp on it. Apply a well-beaten egg white on your skin with the help of a brush and get it dried. Once you feel that stretch in your face, wash it gently with icy cool water.

8. Quick hair care

You may try this out when your hair looks oily and you don’t have the time to blow dry after taking a bath. Get a small amount of amla and talcum powder in a hairbrush and apply it on your hair. Draw the brush along the length of your hair right from your neck till tips. You must turn your hair above your head in order to apply it thoroughly.

Now, these are just a few quick hair and skin care recipes that have been trusted by experts for decades. You shouldn’t replace your regular hair and skin care regimen with these instant recipes, but you may try these for achieving quick outcomes through your busy schedule. Also, follow the suggestions of a skin care expert if any of the instant-recipes cause irritation to your skin and scalp. These days, you’ll find several skincare products that have been reviewed by online users. You’ll even find online coupons for buying skin care products at discounted rates with all eminent e-commerce portals.

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